About ULLU

Who is (leading) ULLU?

ULLU is just getting started, the spark of the idea is being fanned by:

  • Patent Attorney, Matt Samuel, a leader in innovation who turns complex ideas into solutions
  • Seasoned national journalist, Jennifer Samuel, who reports on inspirational Minnesota stories to drive positive change
  • At Large City Council Member for St. Louis Park, Larry Kraft, an experienced campaigner and former leader of the national non-profit, iMatter
  • Passionate community advocate Katie Severt who specializes in marketing and outreach
  • Financial executive Jeff Werbalowsky, a dedicated composter and organic gardener, who is trying to stand up for his children and grandchildren
  • Committed, community banker Eva Rasmussen, who is excited to tap into the power of Minnesota small businesses and their employees to make positive changes for the environment
  • Environmental science student, Josh Solomon, a climate leader by both example and position, with a desire to influence those in and around his collegiate community
  • And many others who will be introduced soon!

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