The challenge may be big.
The steps to a healthier climate are not.

Great change is necessary to preserve our planet, and great change only happens when individuals and communities take one small and intentional step after another.

This is our moonshot.

Our nation’s history is filled with stories of Americans achieving what was once considered unimaginable. We took to the sky, and we eradicated smallpox. We walked on the moon.

Driven by our innate human desire to explore, to create, and to thrive, we made tremendous progress. However, the unintended consequences of that progress—like our warming planet—cannot be ignored.

If we’re to preserve the ability of future generations to realize their potential—to explore, create, and thrive—we must ensure they can flourish.

Could our path forward lie within the path that delivered us here?

We believe so.

Progress is never achieved through one giant step. Rather, it’s achieved through a vision, followed by a series of small steps, small decisions—all multiplied at scale.

And, when we focus on these small steps, we are more open to innovation as new paths reveal themselves.

This is how we’ll achieve a clean, healthy climate.

We’ll take small actions, make small decisions, and adopt new behaviors that, one after another, feed our snowball rolling downhill—our community’s impact growing far greater as we go.

How do we know? Because our small, combined efforts have driven every great innovation in our history.

After 953,054 miles of travel, Neil Armstrong took a single step.

Hack your behaviors. Make climate-conscious decisions.

Companies and organizations are increasingly taking advantage of behavior science to influence our decisions.

How do these behavioral nudges play out?

Slick sportscar ads driven by glamorous people scream that horsepower is a sign of success—that the roar of a gas-guzzling engine is sexy.

And, it’s certainly no accident that the expensive bottled water is displayed on store shelves at eye-level. Brands battle for that space, knowing that if you reach for their product once, your brain will be wired to seek it out again for a long time.

We’re taking our power back.

We’ll pull back the curtain and show you exactly how you can put behavior science to work for you. You’ll learn how to:

  • Recognize nudges that influence your decisions
  • Make choices that align with your values
  • Create small, positive habits that accelerate change
  • Pass on these secrets to those around you, leading to more successful, impactful actions

When you’re ready to make a big purchase, like a new car or moped, we’ll even support you in identifying climate-conscious options. (Hint: Quiet is the new sexy).

Become an influencer. Amplify your impact.

The healthy climate challenge calls us to act as one—and quickly.

But how do we do that when we’re overwhelmed by the complexity of the challenge? And, when small conversations blow up as our world becomes increasingly polarized?

We’ll empower you with new tools and insights. We’ll also demonstrate how you can open the door to constructive conversations with people from all walks of life—giving you the skills you need to act as an influencer at home, at work, and in your community.

Remember: Your personal story is powerful.

So, share the ways climate change has impacted your life, and the ways you’re taking action. When you do, you help build a bridge to understanding. You create the momentum that will propel us forward.

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