Meet our ULLU ambassadors.

ULLU ambassador, Collin Martin

Collin Martin

Midfielder, Minnesota United FC

A midfielder for Minnesota United FC, Collin understands the importance of teamwork. Representing a diverse array of backgrounds and beliefs—he knows his team can achieve its shared goals when they each set their assumptions aside and connect through the shared language of soccer.

Appreciating his own time outdoors, Collin has become more concerned about the climate challenge and the ways it might impact the wild spaces he loves. That’s why he started paying closer attention to his own impact and began considering the ways he could live in a more climate-conscious way. Like soccer, Collin recognizes that we’ll create a healthy climate by celebrating our successes, connecting with empathy, and working together.

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ULLU ambassador, Tiff Singh

Tiff Singh

Partner & Baker, Laune Bread

A baker at Laune Bread, Tiff is passionate about baking up unforgettable, nutrient-rich bread—bread heralded by Twin Cities’ food critics, Rick Nelson and Jason DeRusha. She’s also committed to the Bread CSA model, which supports sustainable food systems by leveraging locally sourced ingredients and reducing food waste.

A mom, Tiff is motivated to ensure a healthy climate future for her daughter—and future generations. Not only does her business operate in climate-friendly ways, including making bread deliveries by bike and electric car to reduce its carbon footprint, she brings that climate consciousness home and to her community, growing her own vegetables, reducing her use of single-use plastics, buying ingredients in bulk—and sharing the benefits of her choices with all who have an interest.

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Student, Josh Solomon is energized about his future as a climate scientist

Josh Solomon

Student, University of Minnesota

An environmental science major at the University of Minnesota, Josh is passionate about pursuing a career in climate science and communication. It was his gap year living in Banff National Park—and the climate documentary Chasing Ice—that motivated him to protect our wild spaces.

Josh is a natural-born leader—on campus and off. Today, he serves on the University of Minnesota’s undergraduate student board and as an elected officer of the Environmental Student Association. He also seizes the opportunity to lead climate conversations throughout the Twin Cities metro area.

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Rachel Brann

Owner, Pluck Flower Farm

With a degree in Horticulture from the University of Minnesota, Rachel grows flowers on her 40-acre farm in rural central Minnesota. She sells her flowers at Minnesota farmers markets, as a local alternative to store-bought flowers flown from Europe or South America.

Rachel has experienced the dramatic weather that has caused already-demanding farming to be even more financially stressful for her and her neighbors. She is therefore very concerned about the effects of climate change, wants to engage in conversations about it, and is personally motivated to take action to address it.

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ULLU ambassador, Dan Wick

Dan Wick

Co-Founder & CTO, Omnia Fishing

A rural Iowa native now living in Minneapolis, Dan is a tech entrepreneur with a deep connection to the land and water. His current business, Omnia Fishing, helps those who also love the outdoors find and source fishing tackle that’s specifically tailored to their favorite lakes and streams.

Dan’s concerns about the climate challenge’s impact on farmers, like his brother, and fish populations prompted him to get involved. And, having been involved in a successful conversation campaign once before, he’s convinced of the power of conversation in driving big, necessary change.

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