women celebrating at a lake

Do you ULLU?

By Team ULLU

That’s the first thing Minnesotans read when they arrive at ULLU.cc—a site that supports a new approach to a familiar conversation.

In fact, Minnesotans like us ULLU all the time. At home, at work, in our neighborhoods—out on the lake and in the woods.

So, what does it mean to ULLU, exactly?

Well, it means doing what we can to help create a cleaner, healthier, more vibrant planet.

And, ULLU—a new community born right here in Minnesota—aims to lift up people from all across this great state who are engaging in conversations and taking action, both large and small.

We’re humble folks, after all. We aren’t going to brag about our actions—that’s just not the Minnesota way.

But there is a lot to celebrate.

Just think: The number of electric lawnmowers purchased here in Minnesota are on the rise—dramatically. Not only do they reduce our fossil fuel consumption, our neighbors like the peace and quiet, while our families appreciate that we don’t walk in the door smelling like an oil refinery.

This is just one example of an individual action that makes a difference, and it’s a win-win-win. In fact, here in Minnesota, we might call it a hat trick.

What are our cities doing to lend a hand?

St. Louis Park is demonstrating strong leadership on the issue. The City committed to studying climate change and then adopting a plan to confront the challenge locally. They know that when we come together to make an impact right in our own backyards, we as Minnesotans can ULLU together.

We see you, St. Louis Park—and we thank you.

Sometimes it can be more than a little scary to think about the scale of the challenge before us, but we know we can discuss it, we can confront it, and, most importantly, we can be an important part of the solution.

So, the next time you hear about ULLU— think about ways that you’ve already been part of the natural leadership that exists here in Minnesota when it comes to talking about the healthy climate challenge together.

Heads-up there fair-goers!

If you’re headed to The Great Minnesota Get-Together, share photos and videos of your ULLU actions and conversations with us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. (Make sure to use the #ULLUmoment hashtag.)

We’ll send Klean Kanteens to the first 25 who post.

Just think of it as ULLU’s way of saying thanks for helping us all create a safe, healthy climate for generations to come.