Heroes? Sheroes? Or Superheroes?

By Team ULLU

The Minnesota State Fair is herecheese curds, corn dogs (pronto pups?), roasted corn, and the giant slide.

Of course, a visit to the fair wouldn’t be complete without a tour of the 4H animal exhibits the first week, the FFA animals the second week, and the Miracle of Life barn where live(!) animals seem to give birth on the half-hour.

The livestock barns are always fertile memory-making soil, after all.

One of the folks at ULLU HQ, in fact, couldn’t help but laugh when he recalled his nephew’s reaction to watching as a calf was born several years back. Wide-eyed, he looked at his mom and, in a hushed tone, simply said… “Mom, I’m so sorry.”

Farmers & ranchers: The superheroes of our healthy climate challenge

Now, as Minnesotans mark the end of summer at The Great Minnesota Get-Together, the team at ULLU HQ is even more inspired to connect with those from the ag community.

The reason: A new report and video from the US Farmers and Ranchers Association.

Essentially, USFRA is asking those of us who didn’t grow up on farms to pause for a moment and realize that our farmers and ranchers can have one of the greatest impacts on solving our healthy climate challenge of any sector. In fact, the report lays out how the agriculture sector can reduce carbon emissions by 50% in five years, and be carbon negative in 15-20 years.


If those aren’t achievements of superhero proportions, what are?

The State Fair is the perfect time to celebrate food producers

As we wander the livestock barns and the horticulture building, we’re often reminded of where our food comes from and the folks whose hard work puts that food on our tables. After all, it’s so easy to feel disconnected from one another in this hustle-bustle world.

And, too often, farmers and ranchers receive the message that they’re part of the problem. But, in Minnesota, we know that farmers have always beenand have always wanted to bea part of the solution.

The State Fair is the perfect time to reconnect.

Those of us at ULLU HQ will certainly be thanking Minnesota’s hard-working farmers and ranchersall while happily clutching refreshing Dairy Barn milkshakes in our hands.

And, yesnephew Tyler is still traumatized.

Tell us:

  • Do you know a farmer-superhero you can share this with?
  • Is it corn dog or pronto pup?