Coming to a MN City Near You, ULLU Will Lead Engagement Throughout the State to Create a Clean, Healthy Climate

Let ULLU Help You Talk about the Weird Weather Around the Thanksgiving Table with Our Conversation Guide!


St. Paul, MN [November 25, 2019] — Turning the energy of the moment into a movement, ULLU is a ground-breaking new campaign mobilizing Minnesotans to be leaders in climate solutions. Hosting community-based conversations, forming boots-on-the-ground local teams, and jump-starting an Ambassador program are just the start of something big for ULLU within the Minnesota landscape. Ultimately, Minnesotan’s collective efforts will ensure carbon neutrality for our state by 2030. Millions of Minnesotans are primed for action in the climate conversation, but have yet to engage. ULLU, steeped in research and born out of necessity, will drive concrete change from individual actions to larger collective shifts of bold, necessary change with respect to climate.

Just in time for Thanksgiving table talk, ULLU created a Conversation Guide on how to talk about the “weird weather” in a way that welcomes everyone into the conversation. Talking about the climate challenge doesn’t have to be contentious at all. Find the guide here – complete with tips, tricks and tools on how to approach the topic without shame or blame. The first step is always the hardest and we want to help you make that leap.

ULLU is creating opportunities for everyone to accelerate the path to a clean, healthy climate. Starting with ULLU Community Conversations, ULLU has already engaged groups in Rochester and Stillwater. Two upcoming events are listed below. Whether it is your first time hearing about the effects of climate in your town or you are an engaged activist, everyone is welcome :

  • Tuesday, November 26th, 6-7:30pm
    Plymouth Library, 15700 36th Ave N, Plymouth, MN 55446
  • Wednesday, December 4th, 6-7:30pm
    Great River Regional Library, 1300 W. St Germain Street, St. Cloud, MN 56301

Out of these will come local teams to drive engagement and direct action for cleaner climate in each respective community. ULLU is also launching an Ambassador Program to actively engage millions of Minnesotans who want to participate in climate solutions. Collin Martin of MN United FC, Tiffany Singh of Laune Breads and Dan Wick of Omnia Fishing are ULLU’s first three Ambassadors. The team is growing every week. To learn more from Minnesota’s telling their own ULLU story, click here.

A recent Yale University study states that a majority of Americans are concerned about climate change, yet few are engaging their communities about it, even though it is our friends and family that have the most impact on individuals taking action. Through cutting-edge grassroots and digital community-building efforts, ULLU will build a thriving community that secures a bright future for all Minnesotans.

“We are at a unique moment in time – Minnesotans are primed for action in the climate conversation and can be leaders in sparking bold, necessary action,” said Richard Carlbom, ULLU’s Executive Director. “Building on my experience leading Minnesota’s Freedom to Marry Campaign, I am thrilled to launch ULLU where we welcome everyone, at any point in the climate conversation, to listen and learn from each other, ultimately creating positive change and securing a carbon neutral state by 2030.”

About ULLU

Founded in August 2019, ULLU is an organization for all Minnesotans who are primed for action and want to secure a clean, healthy climate by leading our state to carbon neutrality by 2030. Ultimately, ULLU will drive concrete change from individual actions to collective, systemic shifts by offering tangible, approachable solutions for all. Through cutting-edge grassroots and digital community-building techniques, ULLU leads the way for all Minnesotans to confront the climate challenge.

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A few fun conversation starters:

  • What’s a smart thermostat?
  • Have you tried LED bulbs?
  • Electric lawn-mowers cost $399
  • Electric snow-blowers, they exist!
  • Home Energy Audit – it’s super affordable!
  • What is your tire pressure?
  • Hybrid and Electric Vehicles are cool
  • Don’t forget to turn off the lights (yes, mom.)
  • Avoid rush hour traffic, yes!
  • Food waste drives the crisis
  • Where is the closest farmer’s market?
  • Buy local
  • Use solar gain in the winter, open your blinds!
  • Put a dry towel in the dryer with your wet clothes. It works!
  • Try a dimmer switch
  • A slow cooker is 75% more efficient, who knew?
  • Reusable grocery bags are a thing
  • Solar panels come with tax breaks


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