Sage climate conversation—your perfect Thanksgiving dinner accompaniment

By Team ULLU

Ah, Thanksgiving.

That special time of year when Aunt Lucia asks her niece when she’s going to get married—for the thirteenth time. When Uncle Antonne snaps the big piece of the wishbone and leaps from the table in mock celebration, sending little Darius running from the table in tears. When Grandma Eleanor has an unfortunate second glass of wine and says something wildly inappropriate.

It’s a memory-making time to be sure.

Of course, it’s also a wonderful opportunity to gather with those we love most in a spirit of gratitude. And, what better time to share the issues that concern us? The things we’re passionate about?

As the stuffing makes its second pass around the table, we can all seize the moment to share our climate concerns, stories, and actions with our family and friends. And, when we do, we become a powerful part of the solution.

Not sure where to start? Don’t sweat it. The folks at ULLU HQ are making it easy for us to take the first step with some helpful guidance.

Our climate conversations can usher in meaningful change

The fact is, there’s a lot we can do to address the climate challenge right now—actions we can take as individuals, groups, communities, and as a state.

What we need most right now—what we need to accelerate meaningful impact—is to grow the community of folks who are not only concerned but engaged in climate action.

That’s where we can all play a critical role. Because when we strike-up climate conversations, we can, in time, influence others to view their choices through a climate-smart lens, as well.

Don’t take our word for it, though. Instead, listen to the bright minds at the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication—folks who’ve been studying this topic extensively for years.

Yale tells us that, today, a majority of Americans are concerned about the climate challenge, yet many are unsure of what to do next. Meanwhile, those of us already taking action aren’t really talking about it. In fact, Yale found that 63% of us “rarely” or “never” discuss climate change.

Can you imagine what might happen if we shared our climate journeys with those around us? What might the impact be if, through our productive conversations, they discovered their path to climate-consciousness? After all, our friends and family are influenced most by those they love and trust—us.

If we want to build a secure climate future, we’d be wise to make the topic a regular part of our conversations—ensuring the issue remains top-of-mind with those we care about.

Of course, the way we approach these conversations is very, very important.

While some of us are worried about what the future holds—and rightfully so—shouting “the planet’s on fire” across the green bean casserole is pretty certain to shut the door for those who may feel trepidation or shame for a whole host of reasons.

While our concerns may run deep and they’re certainly valid, it helps to keep the goal in mind—to welcome people to the conversation without shame or blame, encouraging them to take their own climate journeys, and, ultimately, become part of the solution.

Your guide to successful climate conversations

How can you kick off this critical conversation?

Check out this simple how-to guide.

Then, be sure to snap a photo of your family and friends gathered around the Thanksgiving dinner table—and share the results of your conversation on social media. When you do, you’ll help others see the value in talking about climate and nudge them to do the same.

Please be sure to tag your conversation #ULLUThanksgiving so we can share it with the broader ULLU community.