The solution is out there – Be a part of it

By Team ULLU

From the heart of the Twin Cities to the small towns of America’s heartland, folks of every stripe are thinking about the climate challenge differently.

For many of us, we can’t ignore what we’re seeing right in our own backyards. Beyond what we observe, of course, is a growing mountain of scientific evidence—and a desire to intelligently manage risk.

The challenge? Yale’s Six Americas study has found that many of us are motivated—the vast majority of us want a clean, healthy environment—we just don’t know where to start. We’ve grown tired of the heated, shaming conversations. What we want is a truly American approach—one that gives us the freedom to act in many ways, and one that invites us to innovate.

Today, that path forward is becoming clearer.

A new Yale study has discovered that simply talking to each other is a critical part of the solution. What’s more, in order to create a bright future, we’ll need to form new behaviors. Fortunately, behavioral scientists have proven what grandmas have known for ages—that making things easier and using simple tricks, like timely reminders, helps us successfully create new habits, faster.

Today, we’re riding the cusp of a wave. Public perception has shifted—82% of us believe the climate challenge is real and will impact our way of life—and the moment when what we believe turns to what we do, is here.

So, the question then becomes: What next?

ULLU believes it begins with bringing concerned people together, engaging in open conversations, and finding newer, easier ways to create the change we want to see.

ULLU belongs to you

The team at ULLU is here to facilitate this conversation and to lend support, but ULLU is yours to own.

So, please, engage in open conversations. Share your stories. Create, organize, be inspired. Take what you learn and bring it home, to your workplace, your community, and your town halls. Become the snowball rolling downhill—growing more powerful as you go.

Then, share what works—and what doesn’t. After all, when we all come together, when we all talk, when we learn from each other—anything is possible.

We are ULLU. ULLU is you. Join the conversation and be a part of what’s next.